Premarital Counseling In Chicago

Entering a new relationship is often filled with excitement, passion, and adventure.

Partners begin to share their inner worlds with one another, freely and deeply.

  As the relationship shifts from the initial bonding stage filled with long text exchanges, late night conversations, passion, romance and laughter, partners begin to experience challenges 

in navigating tension, conflict, 

and ineffective communication. 

Whether you’re moving in together, thinking of “popping the question,” are engaged and going to marry, or want to improve the quality of your relationship, our therapists can provide the support to strengthen and deepen your connection

Couples who engaged in premarital counseling prior to marriage reported 

a 30% higher marital success rate.


Premarital counseling can be a worthwhile 

investment as you and your partner embark on the next chapter of your relationship. 


How We Help

 Our therapists will collaboratively work with you and your partner 

to customize a plan to maximize the benefits of each session.  

You’ll learn the essential components of a successful relationship as you:

  • Continue to Learn About Each Other’s Shared Values and Beliefs
  • Address and Improve Communication Issues
  • Navigate Conflict More Effectively
  • Understand the Impact of Anxiety on Your Relationship
  • Strengthen the Relationship
  • Set Intentions for Future Growth
  • Explore the Influence of Family Dynamics
  • Create Rituals to Maintain the Bond and Affection
  • Identify individual and Mutual Expectations

Call and speak with one of our therapists 

and learn how 8-10 sessions can help 

create a foundation for a solid relationship 

with your partner. 


Invest in Your Relationship Today!

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 Our therapists create a safe, therapeutic space to openly 

share concerns, dreams, and hopes for the future

 while supporting each of you to practice 

new relationship skills within and between sessions.

Having those difficult conversations early on 

can foster mutual understanding, negotiate conflict, 

accept differences and create more intimacy and closeness.  

Below is a sample of topics addressed within sessions:

  Blended Families

Child and Parenting Issues

Communication and Conflict Difficulties

Family Planning

Family Relationships

Financial Planning

Marriage and Gender Roles

Sex and Intimacy Issues

Shared Relationship Goals and Vision

Premarital Assessment

Our therapists incorporate the Prepare/Enrich Model in premarital, relationship and marriage counseling.  To learn more about this model click here.

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