Family Counseling

Family counseling aims to interrupt long-standing patterns of poor communication, disconnection and confusing boundaries.  

As we address problematic family dynamics we give you the necessary tools and strategies, for healthier and effective dialogue, increased intimacy, authenticity and assertiveness. 


How Family Counseling May Help

We are experts in being able to work with the whole family, jumping right in to become a highly involved resource for every family member. 

Our sessions are filled with observations, suggestions  and practice to begin to create immediate change.  We're not just sitting on the sidelines!  

We highlight the strengthens and resources already existing in the family while breaking down the patterns which have been a barrier to balance you are seeking. 

Who attends family counseling?

We strive to incorporate the entire family, as all members engage and directly impact each other,

as well as play a role in the success and future of the system. 

We strive to affect give each person a fresh start to bring forth balance, joy and peace. 


It may be that some members are resistant to therapy, and we respect their choice. When they’re ready to join, we will happily encourage them to do so as their voice and experience are vital and crucial for change to be long lasting. 

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Some of the benefits of family counseling:

  Assertiveness and ability to speak your mind in a healthy way

Increased sense of autonomy and healthy dependence

Improve self-confidence as a parent or child

Improvement in family communication, conflict resolution

Understanding and expressing your emotions more effectively. 


Some of what we might focus on within sessions:

Academic Issues

Blended family issues

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Discipline, choices and parenting styles

Financial hardships

Grief and Loss 

Identity Issues

Impact of divorce or separation.

Impact of Technology 

Parenting Issues 

Peer Relationship

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